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  • LoadRunner vs. Performance Center – My Load Test
    So, while I don’t think that the two columns are a particularly good fit for either Performance Center or LoadRunner, I will probably avoid using the word “enterprise” when I am trying to say that a product is suited for activities that are “business critical”, or that a product is “better than the cheap consumer version”
  • Testing WebSphere MQ with LoadRunner – My Load Test
    There are a couple of options for testing a WebSphere MQ-based system using LoadRunner, but this blog post shows my preferred approach: write some simple Java code to put a message on a queue (and get a message from a queue)
  • LoadRunner Architecture - Wilson Mar
    Architecture Overview LoadRunner works by creating virtual users who take the place of real users operating client software, such as Internet Explorer sending requests using the HTTP protocol to IIS or Apache web servers Requests from many virtual user clients are generated by "Load Generators" in order to create a load on various servers under test
  • HP Performance Center Around LoadRunner - Wilson Mar
    Here are detailed, yet concise, notes on using HP's Performance Center to control LoadRunner for load and stress performance testing
  • Performance Testing vs Load Testing vs Stress Testing . . .
    Performance testing - It is performed to evaluate the performance of components of a particular system in a specific situation It very wide term It includes: Load Testing, Stress Testing, capacity testing, volume testing, endurance testing, spike testing, scalability testing and reliability testing etc
  • TESTING: Load runner functions
    Best Sap Training Center in Noida CIIT is the biggest ERP SAP training institute in Noida with high tech infrastructure and lab facilities and the options of opting for multiple courses at Noida Location
  • A Simple Approach for XML to Database Testing
    This article will help understand the XML to Database testing concept, which is a challenging testing type The data comparison is a critical task to accomplish with quality Any flaw will result one or many failures in an application
  • Software Testing Tools list - Software Testing Class
    The goal behind creating the Test Environment Toolkit (TET) was to produce a test driver that accommodated the then current and anticipated future testing needs of the test development community To achieve this goal, input from a wide sample of the community was used for the specification and

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